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Enjoy Your Outdoor Patio With A Comfortable Patio Chair

by Peter Lim

Imagine sitting on your outdoor patio and enjoying the ambience of the moment...the soft blowing breeze caressing your arms, the beautiful scenery in front of you, the bright sun and the perfect companion, and with your favorite beverage or drink!

Yes, you can enjoy your outdoor patio!

In spring and summer and also to some extent in winter, you can enjoy the outdoor patio.

All you need is some patio space and the most comfortable patio seats.

These seats can be patio wooden chairs and benches, wicker chairs, glider chairs and vintage metal chairs. Professionals say you can select from 5 main medium: aluminum (including cast aluminum), iron, wood, wicker or rattan, and resin. A hot trend is "mixed media"- this is wood partnered with aluminum, a great combination.

But how do you select what type of chairs are best for your outdoor patio? How are you going to enjoy sun drenched days soaking up the goodness of the sun in the private backyard or patio of your own house with the perfect and most comfortable chair?

First, consider the locality where you stay, where you live and how you live..in short, your lifestyle. If you reside near the ocean, wrought iron, which tends to rust easily from the saline breezes, is probably not for you. If you want wood, there is more work to be done as wood will get a "weathered" look after some time and you will need to take care of the dullness by using a sealer such as lacquer or a paint applied periodically to restore its original shade and retard the effects from the weathering process.

One very important point is to consider what you're using your furniture for, what look you want or feeling you'd like to evoke, and how much time and effort you're willing to put into maintaining your chairs and benches. This is because some patio chairs will need a lot of attention as they are outdoor furniture. Suppose you have poolside chairs, they they are exposed to water splash and also the elements of the weather. If you are not prepared for changing of the cushions often which involves work and cost, you may prefer just a wooden bench, or perhaps an adirondack chair or a metal aluminium chair.

If you want to share the joys of outdoor patio living with your children, get some durable chairs such as metal or aluminium chairs and benches. They don't tilt over easily and are stable for little children.

If you like style, then you might prefer any restored vintage metal slider or the lafuma reclining chairs, and provide years of enjoyment on your patio. These restored chairs and benches bring back the nostalgia of the past 40's and 50's era, and when maintained well are a delight to own!

You can really enjoy the outdoor patio with just a little planning and the proper patio chair or bench.

Article source: ArticlePros.com

Have You Heard? Families That Play Together Stay Together

by Sintilia Miecevole

Take a chance! When you tell the family that it's games night at your home, the kids might think you've come unhinged, but make it non-optional and make sure you make it fun! Take it from me, I've done it and it works. Everyone joins in either as a player or a spectator when we played games on XBox. The house is filled with laughter and cheering and it's nice to see everyone having a good time. Playing games is ageless and there is virtually no generation gap.

Plan for one night a week where everyone will be home. If you don't have one night where everyone will be there, you need to juggle things around so you have at the very least one night where the entire family is home.

Then there's board games to consider. You could play everything from Monopoly to Snakes and Ladders depending upon the ages of the children. You could set up themes to play a game for example a Hawaiian theme. Have pineapples and things like that, everyone wears leis. Each person could talk about what they know or as questions about Hawaii. Use your imagination. You know what your family likes.

The game itself doesn't have to relate to the theme; just the atmosphere and conversation. You could be playing Yatzee, Life, Clue, Sorry, Snakes and Ladders, Don't Spill the Beans or Uno. It doesn't matter which game you're playing. You could incorporate your theme into various intervals throughout the game. Each time someone lands on a red square everyone must take a bite of pineapple. Spin a ten and all must eat a macadamia nut! If you select the Go to Jail card, it's your turn to do the Hula dance. Get the idea?

At the end of each game night, discuss next week's theme. Family members can take turns choosing the theme and the accompanying snacks and d飯r. If it's too much for one person to coordinate or if children are younger, these tasks can be delegated. Your three year old can decide she wants a clown theme complete with balloons and everyone will wear clown make-up. Your 6th grader made opt for an art theme and paint or draw the decorations.

If you want to keep it simple without the extras, that's okay too. You're sure to be a hit with games and their favorite snacks. Everyone will want to come back again and again.

This should be an inexpensive night. You can pick up new games at thrift stores and garage sales for $1.00. Most decorations you may already have around the house or can be picked up at the same places you're getting second hand games or even the dollar store.

Make it fun. Your children won't remember and thank you for all the hours you put in a work, but they will always cherish the family time together. The family that plays together stays together. Have fun!

Article source: ArticlePros.com

Summer Camp Activity Plays Large Role In Attendance

by Vincent Abrugar

One of the largest deciding factors in selecting a summer camp is that of the summer camp activity that children will be exposed to during their time away from home. Swimming is a very popular summer camp activity and is likely to be explored if the camp is near a lake. Depending on the location, sailing and canoeing may be another popular summer camp activity that children can enjoy under the close supervision of camp counselors. These experienced individuals will be responsible for coordinating, and ensuring the safety of, every summer camp activity during the entire duration of the child?s stay.

For children who cannot swim, hiking is fun-filled summer camp activity that allows children to explore and enjoy nature at its finest. Hiking trails, small streams and the beauty of the undisturbed wilderness is a sight that every child will enjoy and may even snap a few photos to remember their favorite summer camp activity. A disposable camera is one of the best ways that children can capture special moments with new friends, a popular summer camp activity that they always want to remember or to send home to their family.

Every child enjoys some type of sport whether it is volleyball, football, basketball or table tennis. Much to their liking, sports is a very popular summer camp activity that all children can participate in. This is a popular summer camp activity, in part, because it shows children how to work together as a team and brings them closer together as they strive for a common goal. Sports are also an important part of physical activity, which will help children to remain active and will promote physical fitness.

Not every summer camp activity is one that requires a lot of physical strength, however, as children will often be invited to participate in arts and crafts. This is a popular summer camp activity because it explores the creativity of each child and allows them to showcase their talent by creating something that is completely unique and may serve as a constant reminder as their time enjoying a favorite summer camp activity.

Weather permitting; another popular summer camp activity is to have a cookout. Grilling hot dogs, hamburgers and roasting marshmallows are a terrific way for children to explore the world of cooking. Under the close supervision and participation of qualified camp counselors, everyone will enjoy a nice cookout under the sun.

Article source: ArticlePros.com

Your Flower Garden and Floral Arrangement

by ken sharp

Ahhh, it's spring time agian. The birds are singing, the beez are

buzzing the flowers are...


Forget to plan ahead? Your flower garden might be looking pretty bleak

by now, hey? Time to get some tips on sprucing up that garden!

Did you know that your garden will bloom for 3 seasons? Spring, summer

and fall. Only 1/3 of your garden will bloom at any given time though,

so its important that you plan your floral arrangement ahead of time.

You really should plant all your flowers according to the three

blooming seasons, by putting them all through your garden. This way,

when one group of flowers isn't blooming, the others will, giving your

flower garden a very full look.

Creating a themed floral arrangement for your flower garden is best to

do. This is more pleasing to the eye and shows people that you put a

lot of thought and time into the project.

There are hot and cool colors to choose from. When selecting the

flowers for your garden, plan ahead. What kind of a theme are you going

for this year? Anything special? Are you going for an eye popping hot

look, or a nice cool, relaxing look?

Orange, Yellow and Red colors are considered to be hot colors. These

colors will make your garden POP. You are sure to catch the eye of many

passers-by with a garden full of orange, yellow or red flowers.

Blue, Green and purple are considered to be cool colors. When placing

these through your garden, this will give you a relaxed and calm


Theres no reason why you cant mix the hot and cool colors though. In a

perfect arrangement, the flowers could complement each other.

Sprinkling your flower garden with white flowers will let your garden

stand out when it becomes dusk outside. This is a nice effect for

either a hot or cool arrangement. Moonlight or streetlights will

reflect off white flowers, giving your garden a sureal look and feel.

Putting wild flowers in your garden are also nice to do. They come in

lots of different colors, sizes and shapes. Adding these wildflowers to

your floral arrangement will definately add some spice to your garden.

Wild flowers could be either annual or perennial. Adding a variety of

each type to your garden will enable it to bloom through all seasons.

choosing a main type of flower, (but different colors), is best for

your theme. Put these same flowers in the center of your garden. These

will be your showcase section. Then add the other types and colors

around the center.

Mix plants and flowers in your garden also. This will add a dash of

green to your ever growing carpet of color. There are ferns and cactus'

to consider. There are lots of beautiful species of both kinds and this

will really make your flower garden look like it was professionaly


when planning your flower garden, try to pick the flowers and plants

that need the same care during the same times. This will make it a lot

easier to keep up with your garden.

If you are knew to the art of flower gardening or floral arrangement,

here are a few tips for you to consider.

Start small. Dont jump right into trying to start a huge project. Do a

little at a time. If things are going well, then you should increase

the load.

When buying bulbs, remember to keep to your overall plan and theme.

Always keep the bulbs in their packages and in a cool place until you

are ready to plant them. If you take them out of their packages you may

forget which bulbs are which and plant them where you didnt mean to.

Sometimes its hard to tell them apart.

As you plant the bulbs, you should dig a small hole, put the bulb in

and slightly cover it with planting soil. Then you will need to dig

around the bulb a little, just enough to hold some water. Pour water

into the hole around the bulb and let it soak in good. If it soaks all

the way, then you will need to pour more water in. After this you

should take some more potting soil and fill in the hole. Fill it in

lightly, dont pack the dirt.

Be careful to NOT plant near any kinds of trees. Trees love water and

they will become very competitive when it comes to water-leaving your

flowers and plants dry through the seasons.

Article source: ArticlePros.com

Savour Those Moments Again and Again with Scrapbook Juice

by Jean Phillips

Freedom to design, freedom to remember - it is now so fun and easy to preserve your favourite memories with Scrapbook Juice's scrapbooking kit and My Photo Stickers. Scrapbooking allows you to relive that moment with words, photos and embellishments in a 3-dimensional way - sight, touch and even smell! Thus, Scrapbooking proves to be a fruitful and inspiring hobby which could get you hooked. Scrapbook Juice scrapbooking kit offers you 4 different levels. The Beginner kit is aimed at newcomers to scrapbooking, Intermediate, Youth with themes which cater to teenagers, and Independent aimed at adults who are already proficient in scrapbooking, with a plain card to allow for more freedom in design. There are a total of 20 different themes like Graduation, Friendship, Sweet Heart, New Born Baby and Pets Paradise. The themes make it easier if you want to design according to a certain event in your life. Each kit contains a Fancy Card as a base for your scrapbook. These come in various designs and colours. Also included are cute embellishments like buttons, stars and strips of ribbon which you can unleash your creativity with. My Photo Stickers allows you to print out your favourite photos from home and stick them on your scrapbook, or anywhere you want! The Photo Stickers are acid free, quality photographic paper in sticker form with permanent adhesive. Just use Scrapbook Juice's software (free download from the website), place the Photo Sticker paper in your printer and you're ready to print out photos in both colour and monochrome! There are 5 sizes in different designs like Full Page, Oval and Rectangle for you to choose from. You can buy My Photo Stickers in packs of 5 sheets of the same shape and size or an assortment. The easy to make and fun Scrapbook Juice scrapbook kits are available at all 25 Popular Bookstore Outlets, at prices ranging from S$9.50 to S$12.30. Both the Scrapbook Juice kit and My Photo Stickers are available at the Scrapbook Juice website: http://www.scrapbookjuice.com Scrapbook Juice is part of JCHS Media Pte Ltd, aiming to help you preserve your precious moments and memories through their products. They are presently specialising in Scrapbooking Kits as well as My Photo Stickers. Their design team works round the clock to provide a design to suit every taste. -END- For more information, please contact: Jean Phillips JCHS Media Pte Ltd No. 47 Beach Road Kheng Chiu Building #04-04 Singapore 189683 Tel: 65-334-6618 Fax: 65-334-6645 Email: jchsmediapr@yahoo.com.sg

Article source: ArticlePros.com

How To Be Safe In The Kitchen

by Vanessa Brown

Cooking can be a lot of fun for both kids and their parents; it can also be quite dangerous if we don't take care with what we're doing. Before letting your children start on their culinary masterpieces make sure they understand the need to careful and the reasons why they should take the time to clean up before, during and after cooking.

If something is spilt on the floor it should be cleaned up at once to avoid anyone slipping and falling. While this can hurt at the best of times if the person slipping is carrying something hot or sharp it could prove quite painful.

Always use oven mitts (or if not available at least a tea towel) to carry or move hot pans or dishes, even if they don't feel hot initially they can eventually start to burn your hands if held for any length of time.

If you have a saucepan or frypan on your stove always turn the handles in so that they can't be accidentally bumped.

Never unplug (or plug in) electrical appliances if you have wet hands, otherwise you may get a nasty shock.

Always cut away from yourself. Whatever you're cutting place on a cutting board and always cut down and away, never toward the hand holding what you're cutting.

Don't leave spoons in saucepans on the stove. Not only can they get very hot you may also accidentally knock them and cause the saucepan to fall over.

Watch out for steam. If you need to lift the lid of a saucepan always be careful to tilt the lid away from you so the steam will escape on the side opposite to where you are.

Once you have finished cooking make sure all appliances are switched off and the work area and floor are clean to avoid any mishaps later.

These are just a few common steps both children and parents should take before they start cooking. Always remember that with a bit of care and preparation cooking can be a lot of fun.

Article source: ArticlePros.com

Sabtu, 12 April 2008


Hancur sudah rajutan kasih ini
Setelah sekian lama terjaga
Namun itu lebih baik
Daripada terus tertutup dusta

Curigaku telah muncul terdahulu
Saat kasih sayangnya telah terbagi
Bukti-bikti telah cukup tuk ungkap
Namun, tak sepatah kata pun yang terucap
Karena sungguh aku tak ingin menyakitinya

Akankah harus kulukai sendiri perasaanku
Demi melihat senyuman yang bahagiakanku
Walau harus kujalani hari tanpa asa, diam termangu...
Terselubung dalam naungan kesendirian
dan kebimbangan yang semakin mengobsesi...

Tak Setimpal

Telah kuserahkan kepercayaan seutuhnya padanya
Telah kujadikan tonggak dalam menjalani hidup
Telah kutempatkan dia di tempat tertinggi dalam diriku
Tapi, ternyata selama ini dia tak pantas mendapatkan itu semua
Karena hanyalah penghianatan yang dia sembahkan untuk rasa percaya itu
Aku pun tak tahu apa yang harus ku perbuat lagi
Apakah hanya diam, sementara hatiku terus tersayat
Apakah aku harus berontak, sementara hasratku tak kuasa tuk lakukan itu
Apakah aku harus membuka pintu maafku,
sementara aku masih menyimpan segudang rasa kecewa di hati
yang ku tau saat ini
Aku ingin seperti tubuh yang lengkap dan sempurna,
tak terbelah-belah...


Sampan kecil terayun ke tengah laut
Terusik ombak keberadaannya, dan
Badai sendatkan jalannya
Sampan itu terus ikuti arus
Ikut ke kiri meski inginnya ke kanan
Ikut ke tengah meski ingin ke tepi
Berhari-hari sudah
Sampan itu habiskan waktu
Abaikan siang dan malam
Pagi yang membuatnya bermandikan embun,
Siang yang membuatnya silau akan surya
Sore yang membuatnya damai akan rona mentari
Malam yang membuatnya berkaca bulan
Seolah-olah membuatnya tak berarti
Jika sampan itu dapat berbicara
Tentu ia akan memohon pada yang berkuasa
intik lancarkan jalannya
Agar lekas sampai di muara akhir
Yang menjadi rtempat penghabisan waktu
Hingga ia lapuk dan menjadi karang
Yang takkan lagi terombang-ambing
dan tentunya ia akan merasakan kebahagiaan
yang sebelumnya belum pernah ia rasakan
Selama menjadi karang...

Diary Kalbu

Kucoba dustai perasaan ini
Kucoba lari setiap mengingatmu
Kucoba sadarkan diri
bahwa aku dan dia takkan pernah bersatu

Apakah ini derita seorang pemuja rahasia?
pemuja yang mengharapkan balasan
pemuja yang merelakan waktunya terkuras
hanya untuk memberikan celah
bagi dia untuk datang di anganku

Rasa ini sungguh menyiksaku
dan entah kapan rasa ini
akan kumuntahkan semua...

Kucoba untuk berpaling
Namun, di akhir jalan
ku selalu kembali padanya
Aku tak tahu apayang membuat
rasa ini begitu kuat...
Jujur, ku ingin keluar dari siksa batin ini...

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